Join Our Team

Do you love history and snail mail? Join Team Letterjoy and help us deliver amazing letters to readers around the world.

Outside of positions on our production & support team, all listed positions are remote & location-independent.

Open Positions



  • Locate interesting and relevant letters for upcoming Letterjoy themes and collections.

  • Research the individuals and events involved in selected letters.

  • Summarize research in well-written 2-4 paragraph “postscript” summaries.

  • Brainstorm new monthly themes for Letterjoy collections.


  • Strong research and writing skills.

  • Passion for history

  • Preferred: B.A. or M.A. in history, english or related subject

This position is part-time & remote.

Staff Writer/Editor:


  • Assist in development of new collections (e.g. Women in History, Military History, Art History)

  • Maintain editorial standards across fictional and historical collections.

  • Copy-edit & fact-check curator submissions & provide constructive feedback.

  • Ensure letters are proofread and ready in time for weekly mailing.


  • Professional writing & editing experience.

  • Strong writing, copy-editing & fact-checking skills.

  • Passion for history

  • Preferred: B.A. or M.A. in history, english or related subject

This position is remote.

Print/Graphic Designer:


  • Develop reusable design assets for Letterjoy letters, including letterhead, stamps, and handwriting-simulating typefaces.

  • Develop reusable templates and assets for Letterjoy online properties, including podcast covers and social media graphics.

  • Restore historic letterheads in Photoshop and Illustrator (or your design software of choice)

  • Lay out letters for print

  • Design authentic letterheads for historical and fictional figures using reference material.

  • Handwrite letters in very readable styles reminiscent of various historical and/or fictional figures.


  • Strong fundamental design skills and good taste

  • Diverse portfolio of past works.

  • Careful attention to detail

  • High proficiency in Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Drawing & calligraphic skills preferred

This position is part-time & remote.