Letters On Science & Innovation


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Letters On Science & Innovation

Letters On Science & Innovation

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About This Collection:

Learn about the history of science & industry through the letters and memos of the scientists, engineers, leaders, and entrepreneurs who shaped the modern world.

This six-month "from the vault" package includes twenty-six reproductions of real historic letters.

Each letter also includes domestic first-class USPS postage and "the postscript," an article written by our curators with historical context on your latest letter.

Letters are mailed out at approximately a weekly cadence.

Letters you may receive include:

  • Dr. William Harvey, discussing his revolutionary discovery of the circulatory system.
  • Henry Bessemer explaining his eponymous process for mass-producing steel.
  • Engineer Frederick Winslow Taylor & author Upton Sinclair debating the merits of Taylor's "scientific management" system.
  • Mabel Bell, describing her experience at one of history's first auto races.
  • CIA Director Allen W. Dulles discussing Sputnik and the importance of winning the "Space Race".
  • Dr. Alexander Sachs, making the case to President Franklin D. Roosevelt for the establishment of the Manhattan Project.

About "From the Vault": This collection includes a selection of the best letters on science, engineering, and business from the Letterjoy archives.

If you're an existing Letterjoy member, this collection may include letters you've received in the past.

This collection is available for a limited time, and is a one-time purchase, not a subscription.