Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to all of your questions about Letterjoy.

-+Why should I order Letterjoy?

If you’ve ever dreamed of meeting your favorite historical figures, Letterjoy is for you.

Letterjoy gives you a reason to check your mailbox, something to look forward to every week, and the opportunity to study history in a fun & intimate format.

Letterjoy is also entirely offline! No screens required. The perfect break from your overwhelming email inbox.

-+Who should I give Letterjoy to?

Anyone! We have seriously seen it all. Letterjoy is a very popular present for teachers, veterans, grandparents, and college students, but those are just a few of the professions/relationships we've seen.

We have gift members on six continents, including spouses, bosses, parents, grandparents, children, great grandparents, and more.

We have also seen Letterjoy gifted to people of all professions, from top politicians and captains of industry to local reverends and teachers.

-+Can I give Letterjoy to myself?

Of course! Treat yourself to any of our packages. You deserve something to look forward to as you check the mail each week.

-+Are these "real" letters?

Yes. The historical letters we mail to your door are reproductions of real letters (or telegrams) written by legendary figures and eloquent eyewitnesses. They are sourced from some of the finest archives, special collections, and private sources on the planet.

For more information on sourcing, and the philosophical debate over what constitutes authenticity (and our stance on it), reach out to Support[at]letterjoy[dot]co.

-+What topics will my letters cover?

As a member of Letterjoy's "Letters From American History" collection, you'll receive letters on a wide variety of subjects. Periods covered include the American Revolution, the Civil War, World War II, the Industrial Revolution, the Cold War, and more.

Each month of your letters will explore a monthly theme. Past themes include:

  • Presidents & the press: A look at the relationship between US presidents and the media from Thomas Jefferson to today.
  • The Rise of Aviation: Four powerful letters from the 30-year period where powered flight went from a dream to an affordable mode of transportation.
  • The Right to Vote: From the American Revolution to the 26th Amendment.
  • Judicial Challenges: Examine some of history’s most intense inter-branch battles, from the era of George Washington to the era of Dwight D. Eisenhower.
  • Civil War Spies: First-hand accounts of the dangerous life of espionage during the American Civil War
  • American Expansion: The manifestation of “Manifest Destiny”. The real stories behind the Louisiana Purchase, the Republic of Texas, Hawaiian Annexation, and the Pig War.

-+What topic-specific collections do you offer?

In addition to our main "Letters From American History" collection, we offer a few topic-specific "special collections". Please Note: Special collections are only available in six-month increments.

These are the special collections currently available for purchase:

-+Is postage included?

All Letterjoy packages over $75 include free USPS First-Class postage. Members with mailing addresses outside the United States will incur a modest international postage surcharge.

-+What else comes with my letters?

Every letter is accompanied by a carefully researched 'postscript' article which explains the context in which the letter was written, who the author and recipient were, and how the contents of the letter relate to other events throughout history.

-+Can I see a sample letter?

Of course you can! Our samples page has high-resolution PDF scans of a few of the letters we’ve recently mailed, as well as more context on the monthly themes they were mailed for.

-+Do you mail internationally?

Yes. We mail to addresses around the world. Charges for additional postage may apply (and letters may take 2-3 weeks to arrive, depending on the quality of your local postal carrier).

-+Do you have a welcome letter available for gift recipients?

We do. You can download our customizable explanation letter here. Mail it, email it, send it as a telegram, or wrap it and put it under the tree. However you deliver it, our welcome letter is an excellent way to introduce your gift.

-+When will my first letter arrive?

Letters are sent via first-class mail once per week. Newly activated orders usually go out in the first mailing of the month you selected at checkout.

If you purchase within a week of the start of your start month, your first letter will (in most cases) go out with our 2nd mailing of the month.

-+Which membership option is the best deal?

Our one-year plan is the best deal we offer. Our six month plan is also a great value.

-+How do I change my mailing address?

Recently moved? On an extended vacation? You can change your address right from our self-serve member portal (

-+I have another question...

We’re here to help! Visit our support page or send us an email. We’ll be in touch soon with an answer.

You can also reach us by letter at 1101 14th St N.W., Suite 910, Washington, DC 20005.

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