• A historic letter in your mailbox every week.

    Explore history through the eyes of great scientists, generals, presidents, and more.

    Weekly letters starting at $18.99/month


  • What We Do

    We comb through history's best letters to find the ones worth sharing. Then we reproduce them on fine, 100% cotton paper, fold them, and mail them to your door.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    When will my first letter arrive?

    Letters are sent via first-class mail every Thursday. Your first letter will arrive around Wednesday (the beauty of mail is we don't know).

    Why should I join?

    Enjoy historic artifacts as they were originally read. Tearing into an envelope, unfolding crisp paper, and reading a letter from history is an experience that just can't be matched on an iPhone.

    Can I subscribe to a specific author?

    Not yet, but soon. We're working on adding a series of collections featuring different authors from history. If you have a suggestion, reach out!

    Do you deliver internationally?

    We mail letters worldwide. If you receive mail, you can receive Letterjoy.

  • Ask a question

    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.