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Over the years, dozens journalists and bloggers have reviewed Letterjoy's historic letters. Read what they have to say. Click the links below for each reviewer's full review.

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Thor Jourgensen's Letterjoy Review:

Review Excerpt: "John Adams wrote me a letter about a month ago. Actually, I received in the mail a reproduction of a letter dated July 2, 1776 that the future president wrote to Samuel Cooper. The letter came to me courtesy of Letterjoy.co, a service our daughter, with her uncanny insight into my personality, found and signed up for.

Adams writes optimistically about the fight against the British but worries about a smallpox outbreak and concludes, “Between you and me, I begin to think it is (T)ime for our Colony to think a little more highly of itself …”

It is amazing to consider that nations and a million different human endeavors were built for thousands of years on letters and other correspondence.

They were the main source of communication — and vital sources for newspapers — until the advent of the telephone, leading to the rise of video and mobile technology. "

Joe Favorito's Letterjoy Review:

Review Excerpt: "It is the idea of the note and the letter that brings me to a special little thing I pay for each month. It’s a service called LetterJoy. Each week I receive a typed envelope, well it looks like typed and inside is a re-creation in the handwriting or the prose of someone from history. Some are Presidential notes from notables like Washington or Roosevelt. Some are letters sent about a footnote to history, but all are in the exact words of the sender, sometimes with the reply they received, and best part…is a page summary of what the context was and why this letter from this person had intentional or unintentional impact on histrty, big or small. Many of these letters I save to remind me of something, some…there was one recently from a PR person who worked with Franklin Roosevelt…I will reuse as examples for class or for other posts. Safe to say every time I literally open the envelope, I become an engaged learner over and over again. The surprise and “who knew” effect never ceases."

Mrs. Yoy's Letterjoy Review:

Review Excerpt: "Unfortunately for Big E, we could not enjoy a lunch n learn from Professor YouTube today, as we were not partaking in TV (I say this as I hide in the pantry sneaking peaks of Ozark). But it did give us the opportunity to read our latest correspondence from LetterJoy. This was Big E 's birthday present. Monthly copies of historical letters."

"Today we read a letter from Benjamin Franklin, mocking the practice of dueling, in the late 1700s. He made a very good point. I just knew this guy had some good ideas!"

Rev. Pam Reidy's Review Of Letterjoy:

Review Excerpt: "This year one of my favorite Christmas gifts was Letterjoy, a subscription of historical letters that comes weekly through postal mail. These are duplicates of actual letters written to and from people involved in various historical events. At the end of the letter a summary explains the context of the letter, describing the conditions and issues of the day. I treasure people’s stories as the greatest means to knowing them and reflecting on the human story, so as a legacy writer, this was a perfect gift for me. "

A Sweet & Heartbreaking Story Involving Letterjoy By Jennifer Brozek:

Story Excerpt:"Dad died yesterday. Born: 14 May 1946. Died: 19 Aug 2019. He was 73 years old...
I sent him this letter after I got home. Mom said he cried over it and reread it many times. I sent him a post card or greeting card every week since then. His favorite gift from me was a subscription to LetterJoy. He loved non-bill mail. It was the least I could do to try to brighten his day as the end neared. This letter says everything I could say as a memorial to him..."

The Bad Atheist's Letterjoy Review:

Review Excerpt: "The idea for this blog came from the serendipitous arrival of two things.  A September 3, 1916 letter from the Dodge brothers to Henry Ford.  And then a column by George Will. 

The letter comes courtesy of a service that my wife enrolled me in as a birthday present over a year ago.  It publishes letters from American history that illustrate various aspects of our history and then provides a short synopsis of what was happening.  The Letterjoy Company.  The earliest letter I have received is a January 30, 1775 letter (handwritten, which can make reading it interesting) from Mercy Ottis Warren – a prominent pamphleteer and satirical political playwright – to John Adams.  The latest I have is from April 7, 1942, an FBI memorandum for Assistant Attorney General Wendell Berge about possible denaturalization proceedings for Fritz Julius Kuhn, head of the German – American Bund that served as a propaganda and intelligence service for Hitler.  As I mentioned, the current letter that was one of the starts of this blog was a September 3, 1916 letter from the Dodge brothers to Henry Ford.  I received it yesterday (as I am writing this)." 

OK Whatever Magazine's Feature Story On Letterjoy:

Story Excerpt: "What did you receive in the mail today? Bills? Insurance statements? Perhaps you’ve been pre-approved for a new credit card? Or maybe that company you shopped at once three years ago sent you another catalog?

How much better would you feel if you’d returned home to find a real letter, written by an actual person, instead?

This is the thinking behind Letterjoy, a new epistolary subscription service that delivers real letters written by famous historical figures straight to your mailbox..."

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