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Science Letters Are Here...

Dear readers, 

Hello from Letterjoy! Last month, we announced that "From The Vault" collections were coming soon. This month, we're excited to announce that our very first one is now available!

Say hello to Science & Innovation by Letterjoy.

Living in Chicago, I spent a lot of time at the Museum of Science & Industry in Hyde Park. It was inspiring to see the monuments to human ingenuity they had on display and fascinating to read about the rocky road to achieving these breakthroughs.

With this collection, we hope to recreate the feeling of walking through the MSI. This six-month collection features the 26 best letters in our archive involving science, engineering, and innovation.

Your pen pals will include scientists like Marie Curie, inventors like Thomas Edison, and industrialists like Andrew Carnegie.

We think this will make a great gift for anyone who loves science history, podcasts like Acquired or Founders, or biographies like Ron Chernow's "Titan".

Not interested in letters about science? We have other great "From The Vault" collections coming later this year, and we'd love your feedback on which collections we should launch first.

With that, I'll wrap up. I hope you're having a great summer filled with good biographies and museum visits.

Sincerely yours,

Michael & the Letterjoy Team

P.S. Did you know that Marie Curie is the only person ever to have received Noble prizes in more than one science?