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Five Reasons Why Letterjoy Is The Best History Gift For Dads

Looking for a present for your history-loving dad? Here are five reasons you should send him Letterjoy.

1. Letterjoy Provides Months of Memorable Entertainment.

When you give a dad Letterjoy, you give him a new weekly ritual and months of educational entertainment.

Each week, he'll receive a letter in the mail from a famous or noteworthy historical figure. He'll also receive an article with background information on his letter and his latest pen pal. It's an unmatched way to experience history first-hand.

Letterjoy letters make for great discussion pieces, inspiration for reading rabbitholes, and sources of American history trivia.

2. Letterjoy is a Gift He'll Actually Use.

The story is all too familiar. A dad receives a tie or a polo shirt. He says "thanks," then puts his gift in a closet, where it gathers dust. Years later, he rediscovers it and asks "when did I get this?"

Letterjoy is a gift your history-lover will actually use, and with each letter arriving individually, it's a gift they'll remember.

3. Letterjoy Is a Unique & Tailored Gift.

Some people say gifting is not a competition. Those people are wrong. If you're type-a, you want to "win" at gifting, and winning requires giving something so unique and tailored to your recipient's interests that they mention it with glee in every phone call.

Again and again, our customers tell us that Letterjoy helped them "win" at gifting.

4. Letterjoy Is a Gift He Can Collect.

If you're looking for a gift for someone who likes to collect, whether it be coins, stamps, or trading cards, Letterjoy is a great new item to collection.

Many Letterjoy members find a place of honor for their letters, on a shelf, in a binder, or in a collectible mailbox, so they can read them again and again.

5. Letterjoy Is Entirely Offline & Screen-Free.

Screen time is on the rise. The average American now spends over seven hours a day staring at a screen. Letterjoy is an entirely offline reading experience, a blissful break from iPhones and laptops.

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