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When Will My Gift's First Letter Arrive?

So you've been gifted a membership to Letterjoy and you're wondering when your first historic letter will arrive. Here's how to know when to expect it.

At checkout, your gift-giver selected a start month for your gift. If they selected "Next Available," your start month is the calendar month following the calendar month in which they bought.

In most cases, we'll mail your first letter in the first calendar week of your start month (Sometimes mailing holidays get in the way).

Once your letter is in the mail, your gift-giver will receive an email. We mail from Washington, DC, so most letters will arrive at addresses on the east coast within 3-4 business days of mailing, and west coast addresses within 4-6 business days.

For those of you within the United States but outside the continental United States, mailing will usually take 2-3 days longer. This is at the discretion of the United States Postal Service.

If your letters don't seem to be arriving by the 10th of the month, please reach out so that we can confirm that we have the correct mailing address in our system.

For Non-US Members: When your letters arrive will depend upon the reliability of your local postal service. In most countries, your letters will arrive 2-3 weeks after leaving our office.

Once your first letter arrives, you'll continue to receive letters until you've received your full allotment:

  • One Month Paid Trials: Four letters
  • Three Month Memberships: Thirteen letters
  • Six Month Memberships: Twenty-six letters
  • One Year Memberships: Twelve letters