Letterjoy Knowledgebase

How To Contact Letterjoy

Looking to get in contact with Letterjoy? There are a few ways to reach our team.

1. Our Contact Form:

The fastest way to get your support request answered is to use our support form, available at Letterjoy.co/support (at the bottom of the page). Once you select the reason you're reaching out and fill out the relevent fields, a ticket will be created in our support system. 

Most tickets are resolved in 1-2 business days, although since we are a small business that can rise to 3-4 days near busy holidays (e.g. Christmas).

Don't see a response after three days? Please check your email's spam folder. This is the #1 cause (in our experience) of missing answers to support requests.

2. Email:

Our support team is also available by email. To reach us, email support[at]letterjoy[dot]co (IMPORTANT: The ending is .co, not .com).

For group inquiries and group sales questions, please email groups[at]letterjoy[dot]co or sales[at]letterjoy[dot]co.

For press inquiries, please use support[at]letterjoy[dot]co but use the word "Press" in your subject line so that your email is routed to the right place.

3. Snail mail:

We do answer support requests submitted by mail (It takes longer, but for non-urgent requests and fan mail it's fun). 

Address your letters and postcards to:


1101 14th St. NW

Suite 950

Washington, DC 20005


Please Note: We do not offer phone support or have a public phone number. We're here to help you via email.

About Twitter/X:

In 2023, after Elon Musk bought Twitter, Twitter disabled most third-party app integrations, including the integration with our support/ticketing system. Because of this change, we can no longer offer customer support via Twitter DM. Please contact us by email or using our support form instead.