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What Topics Will My Letterjoy Letters Cover?

Wondering what topics you'll receive letters about during your Letterjoy membership? Our rotation of letters is always changing, so your exact rotation is a surprise to you and to us.

Pro Tip: Want to receive letters about a specific topic? Order one of our themed "From The Vault" collections. Science & Innovation and Military History are available now.

Generally, though, most Letterjoy members receive a similar mix of letters. Over a typical six-month membership, you'll receive plenty of letters relating to World War II, the Civil War, and the American Revolution.

You'll also receive letters relating to science and the industrial revolution, American Politics, the Supreme Court, World War I and the Cold War.

Beyond that, the other topics covered in your letters will depend upon the monthly themes running when you're a member. Depending on when you join, your letters may touch on topics like:

  • The War of 1812
  • The Spanish-American War
  • Reconstruction & segregation
  • The "Wild West".
  • The Interwar Period

Looking to receive letters about something specific? We plan our calendar using the input of our members, so let us know and we'll try to incorporate your ideas.