Renew Letterjoy For Three Months

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Renew Letterjoy For Three Months

Renew Letterjoy For Three Months

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About Renewing Your Letterjoy Membership:

Enjoyed your first batch of Letterjoy historic letters? Renew your membership to keep the historic letters coming. We run new letters every month, so when you renew you'll receive a whole new collection of letters.

Please note: This renewal package is for existing Letterjoy members only. This plan is valid even if your prior Letterjoy membership has lapsed.

Please use the same name and email or mailing address as your original membership or our system may not be able to process it properly and you may not get your new letters. The easiest way to verify what we have on file is to look at your most recent Letterjoy envelope and copy the name and address on it.

If you need help confirming the name and address we have on file, we're also happy to assist you by email. Contact and we'll get you the information you need. Renewals may take up to 10 business days to process, but if you renew while your Letterjoy membership is still active, in most cases there will be no interruption in your letters. If you've never received Letterjoy before, please order one of our plans for new members.