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Letterjoy For Home School

Letterjoy For Home School

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About This Collection:

Liven up your history lessons with weekly letters from historical figures.

The Letterjoy home-school package is the perfect way for families to explore American history offline.

Once a week, gather together to read your latest letter from a famous historical figure, mailed to your door on parchment or fine stationery.

Over the course of this one-year membership, you'll receive letters from a wide variety of historical figures from throughout American history.

Among your pen pals will be:

  • Founding fathers & mothers, including Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Abigail Adams.
  • Legendary scientists and inventors, including Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and Marie Curie.
  • Presidents, cabinet secretaries, generals, and admirals from key periods throughout American history.

You'll also receive letters from lesser-known figures who witnessed major events first-hand.

A From The Vault Collection:  This collection is composed of letters from the Letterjoy archive that best fit most common homeschool curriculums.

Grade Level:  Because these letters are sourced from the past, some include antiquated language that can be a challenge, but isn't that part of the fun? We recommend this collection for high-schoolers and particularly clever 8th graders.

Please Note: These letters touch on mature subjects including war and slavery.

This one-year package includes:

  • Fifty-two letters from a wide variety of historical figures.
  • A "postscript" article with each letter filled with background information on your latest letter and the historical events surrounding it.
  • USPS domestic First-Class Postage for each letter.

 This package is currently in beta testing. For early access, please contact Letterjoy support.