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The Letterjoy Gift Experience

Send the historian in your life curated historic letters.

Fascinating Letters: We search through archives, libraries, and private collections around the world to find you one amazing letter, memorandum, or telegram from American history per week.

Some letters provide an inside look at famous historical moments like the contentious election of 1824, Bunker Hill, the Manhattan Project, and the sinking of the Titanic.

Others tell the story of interesting lesser-known events like the great locomotive chase of 1862, the Groveland case, or the 1942 capture of Nazi saboteurs deposited on American shores by a U-boat.

Detailed Biographies: Each month of Letterjoy letters focuses on a unique monthly theme. Past themes include:

A Classic Experience: With textured high-end paper or parchment, restored signatures, letterhead, and real stamps, our letters will transport you back in time.

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Meet Some Past Letterjoy Pen Pals

Learn about a few of the presidents, generals, inventors, and other historical figures who could grace your mailbox.

Letters from General William T. Sherman

William T. Sherman

General William Tecumseh Sherman wrote Letterjoy members to discuss his famous "March To The Sea" and the rationale behind his controversial decision to burn the city of Atlanta.

Letters and telegrams from Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart

Legendary aviator Amelia Earhart wrote Letterjoy members to discuss some of her most famous flights and her infamous final journey.

Letters from Thurgood Marshall in Korea

Thurgood Marshall

Letterjoy members received a letter from Thurgood Marshall from before his appointment to the Supreme Court, when he was a young lawyer for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund investigating the malicious prosecution of black GIs in Korea. Through his letters home, Letterjoy members learned about Marshall's work overturning unjust courts-martial..

Letters from Abigail Adams

Abigail Adams

First Lady Abigail Adams is another frequent Letterjoy author, writing about her experience during the Boston Blockade and the American Revolution and to advise her son and husband on their budding political careers.

Letters from Ike

Dwight D. Eisenhower

President Dwight D. Eisenhower wrote Letterjoy members to discuss his efforts to de-escalate the Cold War, D-Day, and his work as Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe..

Letters from Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie

Steel magnate Andrew Carnegie wrote Letterjoy members to discuss how he built his empire and his reacton to the Homestead Strike of 1892.

Letters from Allen W. Dulles

Allen W. Dulles

Long-time CIA Director Allen W. Dulles has written Letterjoy members to discuss notable CIA programs and operations, including the U-2 Spy Plane, Operation Paperclip, and the Bay Of Pigs invasion.

Letters from John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones

John Paul Jones, father of the American Navy, wrote Ben Franklin (and Letterjoy members) to discuss the exploits of the Bonhomme Richard, a vessel in the Continental Navy which drew its name from Franklin's famous Poor Richard's Almanac(k).

Letters from Theodore Roosevelt on the USS Maine

Theodore Roosevelt

President Theodore Roosevelt wrote Letterjoy members to discuss the explosion of the U.S.S. Maine and his time leading the Rough Riders at San Juan Hill.

Letter from General George S. Patton

George S. Patton

A young George S. Patton wrote his father (and Letterjoy members) to discuss his role in a WWI tank battle, the first mechanized battle fought by the US military.

Your Letters Await...

John Brown's Raid letters

Harriet and Dangerfield Newby

Dangerfield Newby was one of five freedmen to join John Brown on his famous raid of the armory at Harper's Ferry. On his body, a letter was found from his wife Harriet, still enslaved, pleading for rescue. Letterjoy members received this letter as well as a note from Colonel Robert E. Lee (then serving in the US Army) to Brown demanding his surrender.

Letters from President Franklin D. Roosevelt during World War 2

Franklin D. Roosevelt

Over the years, Letterjoy members have received scores of different letters and memorandums from FDR about the New Deal, the Great Depression, and World War II. Among the best was a top-secret letter from Roosevelt to Winston Churchill pondering the question of whether to remove General Charles de Gaulle from his post as leader of Free French Forces.

Letters from Henry Clay

Henry Clay

Henry Clay has written Letterjoy members to discuss foreign policy in his role as Secretary of State under President John Quincy Adams. He's also written to discuss his work in Congress as the "Great Compromiser".

Letters From Julius & Ethel Rosenberg

Julius & Ethel Rosenberg

Julius & Ethel Rosenberg wrote Letterjoy members to discuss life on death row, their claims of innocence, and their convictions for spying on behalf of the Soviet Union.

Letters from William Jennings Bryan

William Jennings Bryan

After the sinking of the RMS Lusitania, President Woodrow Wilson pushed his advisors to demand that Germany accept responsibility and take corrective action. Secretary Of State William Jennings Bryan, fearful of escalation, pushed back. After Wilson drafted a particularly inflammatory note, Bryan threatened to resign if it was sent. Wilson didn't back down. Bryan sent the note, then resigned. Letterjoy members received Bryan's note and the German response.

Letters from other war-time leaders

And More...

We have a long list of amazing letters we look forward to sharing with you. In fact, we have so many that we had to save some for Part II (coming in 2024) - Stay tuned!

Please note: Authors are subject to change

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Who should I give Letterjoy to?

If you’ve ever dreamed of meeting your favorite historical figures, Letterjoy is for you.

Letterjoy gives you a reason to check your mailbox, something to look forward to every week, and the opportunity to study history in a fun & intimate format.

Letterjoy is also entirely offline! No screens required. The perfect break from your overwhelming email inbox.

Can I give this collection to myself?

Of course. If you enjoy reading books about American history, watching documentaries, or visiting battlefields and museums, you'll love this collection. Treat yourself.

Can I give this collection to a group?

Yes. Group pricing is available. Want to use this in your high school or college classroom? Email groups[at]letterjoy[dot]co to receive our educator-only rates.

Do you offer a discount for veterans, first-responders, and active-duty members of the US military?

Yes. If you qualify, please email Support[at]letterjoy[dot]co to claim your discount.

Are these "real" letters?

Yes. The historical letters we share are reproductions of real letters (or memorandums or telegrams) written by famous authors and figures from throughout American history. They are sourced from some of the finest archives, special collections, and private collections on the planet.

What topics do these letters discuss?

As a member of Letterjoy's "Letters From American History" collection, you'll receive letters on a wide variety of subjects. Periods covered include the American Revolution, the Civil War, World War II, the Industrial Revolution, the Cold War, and more.

Want letters on a specific topic? We now offer a growing assortment of topic-specific collections, including a collection for military history buffs, a collection for those interested in science and innovation, and a collection of letters for writers where famous authors discuss their writing process.

Do you mail internationally?

Yes. We mail around the world. Letters mailed to addresses outside the United States (excluding APOs, FPOs, and DPOs) will incur a modest international postage surcharge.

Do you have a gift welcome letter available?

We do. You can download our customizable explanation letter here.

When will my first letter arrive?

Letters are sent via first-class mail once every week. Newly activated orders usually go out in the first mailing of the month selected at checkout. Activation takes 10 days from date of purchase.

How do I change my mailing address?

Recently moved? On an extended vacation? You can change your address right from our self-serve member portal (Members.letterjoy.co). Log in using your name and the email address of the person who purchased your membership.

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