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Letterjoy's "Black Friday" Deal

Dear friend,

Letterjoy doesn't offer a traditional Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale, but we do like to do something special for our holiday-season customers: Trivia deals.

That's right:  Answer our historical riddle correctly and you'll discover a coupon code for 15% off your Letterjoy order, the most generous discount we offer.

This question/code will change regularly (and old coupons disabled) to keep it off of coupon sites, so once you discover it, use it fast.

"But Michael, can't I just Google the answer?" In most cases, yes, but I encourage you to play along first, then use a search engine if you're stuck.

And now, for our Black Friday riddle...

There's a very famous rock group with four members. All are now dead, and one was assassinated. What group are we thinking of?

Hint: The coupon code is the answer to the riddle, in all caps, with no spaces or punctuation.

Too hard? Use the coupon code “onus” to get a $5 credit towards any order over $21 (basically any membership option three months or longer).

Happy history hunting!
Michael Sitver
Founder - Letterjoy