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Who Will I Receive Letters From?

Wondering who you'll receive letters from during your Letterjoy membership? Here's a general overview. For specific examples, visit our "pen pals" page.

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Our lineup of letters is always changing. We try to include letters from a wide variety of voices, but generally, every Letterjoy member will receive letters from (among others):

  • Presidents & other world leaders.
  • Generals, admirals, and other military leaders.
  • Cabinet members
  • Famous inventors, scientists, & industrialists
  • Notable legislators and judges
  • Civil rights leaders
  • Famous authors who witnessed notable events

Recent authors of Letterjoy letters include:

  • Dwight D. Eisenhower (General & President)
  • Susan B. Anthony (Suffragette & activist)
  • Thurgood Marshall (Civil rights attorney & Supreme Court Justice)
  • Ethel Rosenberg (Famed accused spy)
  • Theodore Roosevelt (Governor, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Roughrider, best-selling author, and President)
  • Clarence Darrow (Legendary defense attorney)

For sample Letterjoy letters, see here.