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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    When will my first letter arrive?

    Letters are sent via first-class mail every Thursday. Your first letter will arrive around Wednesday (the beauty of mail is we don't know).

    Why should I join?

    Enjoy historic letters as they were originally read. Tearing into an envelope, unfolding crisp paper, and reading a surprising piece of wisdom is an experience that just can't be matched on an iPhone.

    Do you deliver internationally?

    We mail letters worldwide. If you receive mail, you can receive Letterjoy. Due to the cost of international postage, international subscriptions, are an extra $2.50/mo. See international plans.

    Which plan is the best deal?

    Our yearly plan offers the most value of any plan we offer. 1 year of letters for just $13.33 a month. Our 3-month ($16.66/mo) and 6-month ($15/mo) plans are also great values.

    What order are the letters delivered in?

    Letters are delivered in largely chronological order, although certain shorter or less insightful letters may be skipped in favor of better ones.

    I have another question...

    Scroll down to our question form and ask. We respond fast, and we love answering your questions.

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