Three Month Letterjoy Group Package

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Three Month Letterjoy Group Package

Three Month Letterjoy Group Package

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About This Package:

Delight your group with weekly letters from American history. A perfect gift for employees, clients, family, donors, or students.

How Letterjoy group packages work:

  • Each member of the group receives letters to their mailing address.
  • After you order, our support team will be in touch to help onboard your group.
  • During the onboarding process, you'll be able to choose a start month for your order.
  • Members of your group can self-onboard using an online form, or you can onboard them by providing us with a .CSV of mailing addresses.
  • If your group self-onboards, each member can choose their own start month. Otherwise, all members of your group will begin receiving letters in the same month.
  • Contact us for pricing for groups larger than 250 people.
  • Letter customization is available on orders over $2,000.

This package includes:

  • Three months of weekly snail mail from the past for each recipient*
  • 12+ historic letters from a variety of pen pals for each recipient.
  • USPS First-Class Postage for each letter.

* Timeline may vary based on where you live and when your membership begins, but you'll always receive at least 12 letters in the mail.

Read on to learn more about the Letterjoy experience.

Legendary Pen Pals

Each week, you’ll receive a reproduction of a real letter from American history in your (physical) mailbox.

Over the course of your membership, you’ll read dispatches from a variety of famous or eloquent historical pen pals. Recent letter writers include Benjamin Franklin, Sitting Bull, Sojourner Truth, and Douglas MacArthur.

Timely & Timeless Topics

Each month, your letters will explore a different theme from four angles. Themes vary from month to month, so you may find yourself reading letters from infamous Wild West Gunslingers in one month and Civil War spies or captains of industry in the next.

A Classic Experience

No screens are required to enjoy Letterjoy. Opening your letters is as “old-school” an experience as can be. Each is mailed in an ivory envelope with a real first-class stamp, and all of your letters will arrive on fine stationery, vellum, or parchment with letterhead and other design touches engineered to transport you back in time.

The Context To Dig Deeper

Alongside each of your letters, you’ll receive “the postscript”, an article written by our expert researchers with detailed background information on your letter.

Each postscript is brimming with historical details perfect for inspiring an afternoon of reading or helping you win your next pub trivia game.