• The Letterjoy Experience

    Reliving history through your mailbox (in four bullet points)

  • 1. Every week, you'll get an envelope in the mail.

  • 2. Inside, you'll find a letter from a historical figure.

    It could be a general, a president, a scientist, or an artist who happens to be witnessing history.

  • 3. Every letter is carefully curated based on a monthly theme...

    Themes range from "World War II" to "Transportation Innovation".

  • 4. ... And meticulously recreated by our designers.

    • Each letter is designed to be both authentic and readable.
    • We bring back to life historic letterhead, signatures, stamps, and more, to immerse you in every letter.

  • Sound good to you?

    Explore history through the letters of great scientists, generals, presidents, and more.

    Give your favorite history-lover something to look forward to, every week.

    Weekly letters starting at $18.99/month ( or $160/year )

  • Mailed to your door

    Carefully recreated

    The Best Stories from History