Bring History's Best Letters Into Your Classroom

Receive one historic letter every week, on fine cotton paper. 

Personal stories of war, triumph, innovation, and more from legendary figures like John Adams, Amelia Earhart, and Abe Lincoln. in your mailbox.  

Frequently Asked Questions

When will our first letter arrive?

Letters are sent via first-class mail every Friday. Your first letter will usually arrive mid-week (the beauty of mail is we don't know) the week of your starting month.

Why should we join?

Engage your students in history like never before. Letterjoy recreates the experience of receiving historic letters, putting your students in the shoes of history's most legendary figures.

Every letter comes with a short reading to help contextualize it, providing a spontaneous take on a historical event that is perfect for starting a classroom discussion.

Tearing into an envelope, unfolding crisp paper, and reading a letter from history is an experience that just can't be matched on an iPad.

Where do you find your letters?

Our researchers comb through the world's best archives and special collections to find the best notable letters and hidden gems to tell every story. Some of our letters are legendary. Others have never before been published.

Is there a theme to the letters we'll receive?

Each month has a unique theme, from innovators (i.e Einstein, the Wright Brothers), to WWII (i,e. Churchill, a Kamikaze pilot). Special requests? Just ask. We may be able to accommodate you.

Is there a discount for ordering for multiple classrooms?

Yes. Please reach out with the details of your order to receive a custom proposal.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes. Our support team can work with purchasing departments and individual faculty to complete the purchasing process.

Will our letters be typed or hand-written?

Our goal is to balance authenticity and readability with every letter. The style of each letter is determined by the time period. Many letters from within the last 150 years are typed on our Smith-Corona typewriter. Others are hand-written by our designers, then enhanced with advanced graphic software.

Is volume pricing available?

Yes. Please contact us if you would like to place an order for seven or more classrooms.

I have another question...

Chat or email us. We respond fast, and we love answering your questions.

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