Announcing the Letterjoy blog (And more)

Here at Letterjoy, we love the constraints of a letter. The limitations of space, and the lack of images, video, or links force us to write concisely and discuss only the most interesting or important information about each letter we share.

Still, we often learn too many details to fit in the space, and every week we see countless letters that may not be long, short, or meaty enough for our members, but are still fascinating. Today we’re opening up a venue to share those letters: The Letterjoy blog (The blog you’re on right now).

On this page we’ll share all the most interesting things we come across that don’t make it into our letters. We’ll also share behind-the-scenes stories from Letterjoy headquarters and announcements of some new and exciting features we have in the pipeline. Follow us on Twitter to be notified whenever we post (Expect a new post 1-2 times per week).

In that vein, I’m happy to announce that the new Letterjoy member portal is finally live at Https://

This portal is designed to allow members to easily handle the most common requests our support team receives, from topic suggestions, to address changes, to quick and easy renewals (and yes, cancellations too). New customers can also check on the status of their order and see a preview of what their envelope will look like.

More features will be coming soon. Try it out and send us an email if you have any ideas for making it better.

Thank you to everyone who makes Letterjoy possible,

Michael Sitver

Founder – Letterjoy

Michael Sitver